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Five safety tips for a parked car

Five safety tips for a parked car

May 5, 2020

Many cars have been parked for an extended period due to the COVID-19 crisis. The idle state can negatively affect parts of the car, such as brakes and tires, battery and paintwork. As such, it is essential to prevent avoidable problems and ensure it is safe to drive your car. We share five safety tips.

      1. Inspect the fluids

Regularly check the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and screenwash before driving, top-up or change the fluids if necessary

    2. Check the tyre pressure regularly

it is important to check the tyre pressure regularly before you start driving because a tyre loses pressure over time. This does not only have negative consequences for the tyre itself but also grip on the road ánd the environment. Therefore, keep the tyre pressure up to the required level.

    3. Drive your car consistently

Keep driving your car. if possible, at least every two weeks. When unused for a more extended time, the battery can go flat. While driving, the battery can recharge, and the engine can warm up. As a result, the water that may have accumulated in the engine oil will evaporate, preventing the formation of the residue.

    4. Keep your car clean

Remove Dirt, both on the inside and outside. Prevent permanent damage to the paintwork by removing dirt such as resin from trees and bird droppings.

      5. Consider the timeframe of realistic usage of fuel 

It is a great idea to understand that there are various kinds of fuel. Because of ecological reasons, there are fuels accessible with higher estimations of bioethanol (for example, E10 in European nations). Notwithstanding, this negatively affects the period of usability. 

For a long time, this won’t be an issue. Is your vehicle fixed for a more drawn out timeframe? At that point, it is fitting to top off with petroleum with a lower bioethanol content (for example E5 in European nations). Continuously check whether your vehicle is good with the ethanol content in the fuel. It is likewise fitting to leave the car with the tank as full as could reasonably be expected, as there is no space for air (and dampness) to a reduction in the tank.

if you also have any other safety tips, kindly share in the comments ??????

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