Frequently Asked Questions

Carclub Mauritius: Frequently Asked Questions 

How would I discover the car that I need?

At Carclub, We receive new cars every week! You can search for the cars you need ranging from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and many more by Make and model including other criteria to help your experience. You can also chat with us live during office hours, we will respond to you within two hours. Click here to try

Can I book a test drive at Carclub Mauritius?

To test drive any car before buying, you will need to bring along your drivers license or overseas equivalent. At Carclub, our cars are available for a test drive from our showroom in Royal road, Helvetia, Mauritius.  One of our staff will accompany you as you drive around the island. We also encourage you to thoroughly inspect and test drive any of the cars before buying. Interested?  contact us

How do I know if the car I like has any problem?

At Carclub, our cars have been thoroughly verified and this is why we offer a two-year warranty on the engine and gearbox. Besides, all our cars are bought through live auctions and we provide our clients with the auction sheet detailing every little aspect of the car.  

Does Warranty apply to cars bought at Carclub?

Carclub is the only automotive dealership in Mauritius that has a fully fledged operational garage and we provide a two-year warranty on your car engine and gearbox.

For more information about what we guarantee, read our terms and conditions.

What makes Carclub different from other automotive dealerships In Mauritius?

We can assure you that we provide the best after-sales service on the island. Our tagline is “WITH YOU ALL THE WAY”  and we highly emphasize on delivering a quality service to our clients all the way through till the delivering process. Besides, we have our own high-tech garage based in Motorcity Bagatelle. Our team are highly qualified technicians and mechanical engineers who provide quality-driven after-sales services for your car. 

For more, Visit Carclub Engineering 

How do I know how much to pay?

It depends all on the car that you would like to drive. On an imported pre-owned vehicle, the average percentage deposit required (inc. VAT) is 30%, meaning the provider of finance will disburse the other remaining 70% directly to us. Our online calculator tool assists you by providing a breakdown of the price ranging from down payments, interest and time period. We connect you directly to the financial institutions/banks for the best service/rates available on the market.

For more information, please our Carclub Finance 

Can I make a special order?

Yes, At Car Club we offer personalised services for special features for the car tailored to match your taste. For special orders contact us 

Do I qualify for tax exemption at Carclub Mauritius?

At Car Club, our cars are duty-free for returning Mauritian citizens after residents abroad not later than a year, provided they comply with the regulations of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), for more info, Click here 

Where do we import from?

At Carclub, our cars are mainly imported from Japan, Germany and the UK. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and therefore, we do not import cars from unreliable and unproven sources.

What if there are other issues with the car?

We recognise buying a car is a big investment. Therefore we guarantee the cars bought from us are not stolen or with falsified mileage and we ensure all paperwork is duly cleared with you in our showroom at Royal Road, Helvetia, Mauritius.

How do I know whether the car is safe?

At Car Club, all our cars have been thoroughly inspected and it is safe to drive. For assistance, Our engineering team will conduct a mechanical check free of charge for you.

What if something wrong happens to the car I bought?

At Carclub, our cars have passed through rigorous screening before being imported, this means we never encounter such issues. As mentioned above, we have our garage at Bagatelle Motorcity and you can have your car checked/screened there by professionals or even bring your mechanic to our garage for a verification.

You can read more on our after-sales warranty in the terms and conditions.